Friday, March 2, 2012

Something I had to share

I know this is very unusual for me to have two post in as many days but as I left you yesterday I was off to cook and clean before stitching.  Well I just wanted to share what I ended up having for dinner.  Now it didn't take all day and there wasn't a lot of work involved but man was it delicious. Chicken noodle soup is good anytime but this is the first time I have actually made it not out of a can.  It started with a packet of seasoning mix "Mrs. Grass Homestyle".  Instead of chicken breast (which I cook to DRY every time) I used boneless, skinless chicken thighs, sauteed in a little vegetable oil with onion and garlic powders. This was added to the pot of 8 cups of water, season packet (which included noodles, carrots and celery) and a couple cans of sliced mushrooms. TADAAAA!!!!

And of course a little stitching did get done.
Well you know were I'm off to now... you got it to make some of those wonderful little xxs.

PS: Welcome to my new follower and thanks all for stopping by.


Anonymous said...


Just visiting your blog.

Your soup looks great.

I love your project - so colourful!

Shirlee said...

There's nothing like a good bowl of soup! Isn't Mrs. Grass the one that used to give you a little "chicken egg" in the box? My mother always made homemade soup but she always had Mrs. Grass on hand for quickie lunches : ) Blessings, Shirlee

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Yummy! The soup sounds so good. The stitching is lovely as well.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Minnie,
I do not use a needdle but paint brushes and I admire your skill and patience to stich so much beautiful things. I like also very much the happy mood of your posts oh and also the little figurines. they are cute.

Bonjour de France.

Anne said...

Beautiful stitching Minnie and that soup looks yummy!!

TammyK said...

Looks yummy!