Friday, August 31, 2012

All XX's August 2012 Wipocalypse Again

I don’t have a lot of progress on the wips I’ve worked on but there is a few that have none. So to keep from boring you with pictures you’ve seen before I’ll just tell you which are unchanged:
Spring Heart
 3 Kimonos 
You’ve seen the beginning of “Africa” the up-date of AW80S, so here is a picture of “Rose Sampler” with a little progress.
I started the last design in the “Black & White” project, it shouldn’t take long to finish. 

Last but not least is the finished “African Women”; at least all of the stitching is done. I have been doing my happy dance for the last four days, I wanted to share as soon as I finished but decided to save it for this post. When I decide on the right fabric to finish it with I will post another picture. 

I found this chart a while back and I thought it was really interesting.

The head and neck area of the design is not stitched but made of paper. Paper faces like this were done back in the 19th century on samplers and needlework all the time. Some were even painted directly on the sampler. You can either use the picture of the face the way it is or glue it to thicker cardboard before gluing it to the sampler.

I went out to Barnes & Noble today and I found this magazine with this simple sampler chart. I am not normally a sampler person but every now and then one will catch my eye. This sampler is stitched with DMC blue/purple 4240 color variations on 28 ct quaker evenweave. 
Wow that is a total of  8 wips and here I am looking at other charts, I need to start something new like I need another hole in my head. If you ask my DH he will say I must have fallen and bumped my head. I don't think I will start anything new anytime soon but who knows.  Well like others have said if you are still here after all of this, I thank you for stopping back by and welcome to the new viewers and followers, hope you'll comment and come back soon.  To all of my US friends have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend. I'm off to make some more little xxs. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Just a little up-date

Blog hopping is a lot of work, I have tried to catch up on reading blogs and commenting and then replying to the comments on my blog.  I like to let the people that take their time to comment on my blog know that I really appreciate them, but I am failing miserably.  So to all of my lovely followers I thank you from the bottom of my heart, it brightens my day when I see comments and compliments on my stitching.  I was having a little bit of a rant in one of my past post, but I am all better now.  I’ve seen my doctor and am now trying to get my eating habits under control.  I really do need someone to tell me how to stitch and walk at the same time so I can get in more exercise and not miss any stitching time, that would be  great. 
I completed the stitching on the 5th installment of “Around the World in 80 Stitches” that was a lot of fun a little easier this time there was no cutting, thank goodness.    Once that was done I wanted to go back to the “Africa” piece by Joan Elliott but my other “African Women” piece was screaming FINISH ME! FINISH ME!  So I decided that I would at least finish the stitching on it before anything else. I’m almost there and this is one of my original Wipocalyse (which is coming up again on Friday) pieces and I want to have a finish to share then so no picture right now on that.  I have to remind myself not to add any more new starts and finish what I have on my wip list; it’s so hard to do.
I know he doesn’t read my blog but today is my one and only brother’s birthday, he is 70 years old today.  When I spoke to him this afternoon he joked that it is kind of a shock to him to be 70, growing up the only people that old were smelly old grandparents.  We agreed that this ill-conceived notion is no longer true, we are not smelly. So Happy Birthday to you, big brother!
Well here are the pictures of AW80S, it's getting a little hard to show it all clearly in one picture there is also a close-up .

Now it’s time again to prepare a sensible meal and then make some more little xxs.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Forgive me! IHSW is late!

With all of the things going on here I totally forgot to post my IHSW update.  Between making doctor appointments and checking on insurance claims all I could do is stitch and try to relax.  This is were I left off on "Africa", I have put her aside to work on AW80S. However because I was blog hopping trying to catch up, I have no progress on it to share.
I gave DD's boy friend his lion trivet and he really liked it, but silly me I forgot to take a final picture before they took it home maybe DD will take one and send it to me.   I know this is a sad post but it's the best I can do. I really appreciate all of the comments I've been getting from all of my wonderful followers (old and new).  Please keep them coming in:-)   Okay so here is the picture before I forget. 
Now to make some wonderful little xxs.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

August TUSAL and No control

I have no control anymore; it is as if I am possessed.  If I see a chart that I like, first I have to buy it and then I'll kit it up for future stitching.  That's when the trouble starts, I look at it every day and then I choose the fabric and by that time it's on.  I saw this chart by Joan Elliott and I immediately ordered it as a chartpack.  Once it was kitted up I had to start it, never mind I have all those other wips.  I blame this behavior on a few dear friends; they are the ones who convinced me that I could do more than one project at a time. They're evil I tell you, EVIL! I know they are lurking out there somewhere laughing and rubbing their hands together.  Anyway here is a picture of what the chart looks like and my progress so far, I started it on 8-11-12.

 This is Joan Elliott's "Africa" and it is being stitched on 28ct  Light Moss Jobelan with DMC floss.

I would like to apologize for my absence , after my last post we went on another weekend trip to Atlantic City for DH birthday, I came back and had my blood work done and found out that with diabetes you can’t eat anything (because it all spikes your glucose levels) and it shows on the A1C blood test.  I also learned that hot water heaters only last about 10 years and then they rust and leak into your down stairs neighbor’s utility room ceiling.  Of course the homeowners insurance won’t pay to replace the hot water heater and may or may not pay to repair the neighbors ceiling.  Loads of fun stuff.  

Well I am a little late posting my TUSAL but it is full of beautiful colors and sitting atop my new friend Freddy the frog, I picked him up in Atlantic City, hopefully he’s the only frog to come to my house.

Just a reminder today is the beginning of the August IHSW so relax, find a good TV show marathon, a cup of coffee and stitch to your heart’s content.  Thank you to all of my old and new followers for all of the wonderful comments and I promise to do better.  Now I’m off to make those wonderful little xxs.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


 Well I was a little busy in the month of July, I started and finished a Christmas in July SAL,

 a scissors fob for a friend

 and birthday gift for DD boyfriend. 
 I also completed the stitching of the 4th part of Around the World in 80 Stitches; I’ll add the rest of the beads at the end.
I started the leaf bunch band around my Banu design.
  Last but not least I worked on African Women. 
Well I hope this next month is as productive as the last and I can share more finishes and progress on more WIPs.  So I'm off to get started making those little xxs.  Thanks for stopping by and welcome to all my new followers.