Thursday, January 30, 2014

1st TUSAL fo 2014 and more...

Some would say I've been a little busy, I guess that's a possibility. Mr Jenkins says so too as he presents my TUSAL for January 2014. If you need to know more, go back and click on tusal or click on the button on the right hand side.
So far I've I have 8 finishes for the year, I promised myself that I would work on more smalls. The latest finishes are "Native Dress" and "Cowboy Hat" both from Joan Elliott's leaflet Southwest Stitches.

I also finished beading my January cake from Brooke Books Publications.
Last but not least I completed the 17th part of Papillon Creations "Around the World in 80 Stitches".

I guess Mr. Jenkins was right there was a lot of stitching going on around here this last month. Well with the "Polar Vortex" showing up every week what's a person to do? "STITCH!!!"  
Until next time everybody stay warm and safe. Thank you to all of my lovely followers I love your comments, now to make some more wonderful little xxs.

Monday, January 20, 2014

1st IHSW of 2014

I didn't do as much stitching as I had planned, I worked on my January cake from Brooke Books Publications stitched on 18 ct off white Aida with DCM floss. I finished the stitching and started adding the beads.
I finished stitching the first in a new series from Little House Needleworks called Calendar Girls. Here is my January.
She hasn't been pressed that why she's standing a little lopsided. I'm thinking of making the series into small pillows or flat ornaments. Last night I started this little design from Joan Elliott's Southwest Stitches leaflet, it's called Native Dress.

This one is also from the same leaflet by Joan Elliott and it is called the Pottery Maker.
They are all so colorful and easy to stitch, this one was done between this post and my last. Well back I go to making those little xxs. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Three Finishes and...

A little progress. Yes so far this year I have finished two hearts
free Blackwork from Ajusau Press
Keep-Love by Shepherd's Bush
 and another free Facebook SAL. This one is the English version of "Positive Thinking" from Les Marottes de Nathalie, it was presented in several parts and in several languages.  It is based on a poem by Norman Vincent Peale.
I stitched this on 18ct off white Aida with DMC floss.
The progress I was referring to is on my Joan Elliott design "Africa". I almost completed the large basket on the lower right hand side but of course I ran out of one color last night and it was too late and too cold to go out to pick-up more.
I may have to make a supply run while at least the sun is still shining today.
Well my trip to Micheal's was a bust. They have gotten very lacks in the refilling their DMC racks lately, I'll have to go somewhere else for the color I need.
I also have progress on an Ink Circles design "Turtles All the Way Down".
Believe it or not this is only about half done there are seven more turtles to go. Since I couldn't keep going on  "Africa" I picked up "Idelia Mae Rich" and gave her a little attention.

If you remember this is the design where the head is made of paper and is glued on after all the stitching is done and it's ready for framing. This one seems to take forever since it is being stitched on 36 ct Vintage buttercreme linen. 
Well that's it for now and I am getting the itch for a new start, so I'll be on the search through my stash. As soon as I have something new to show I'll be back.  Thanks for stopping by and staying til the end. Got to makes more xxs.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Now that the holidays are over...

I can maybe get back on track here with my blog.  I have a TUSAL to share, it contains only the threads from the work on Africa.
I had emptied it on New Year's Eve and I didn't realize that it was that close to TUSAL time. To find out what TUSAL is all about click here on the icon to the right.
I do have a first finish for 2014, it is a free Black-work design by Valentina Sardu from Ajisai Press. I used a scrap of linen (I don't know what kind) but it's 30ct and the color is Cherry Vanilla. The plan is for a ornament type finish (but who knows).

Thank you all for stopping by and please do leave a comment. I'm off to make some more wonderful little xxs.