Sunday, September 11, 2016

It's been a while...

And I bet you've been wondering what I've been up too! Well since my last post I've had a few finishes, some project progress and even a couple of new starts. I also went on a trip to Atlanta, GA for a wedding and celebrated my 40th wedding anniversary. Well let me share some pictures with you, first my finishes:
You all remember this one, I think I only had a little back stitching left and I added the words above. I just love my "Dollar Bill" it's from Designs by Gloria & Pat (freebie), stitched on 22 ct hardanger fabric in a mint green. My next finish is "Witch Boot" from Sullivans USA and it's stitched on 28ct white even weave with a combination of Sullivans flosses and DMC.
The colors on this one are faboolous! The next finish is "Wicked Witch" from LA-D-DA. This one almost made me crazier, I only needed about an arms length of DMC #844 to finish the border and then couldn't find it anywhere. Finally found it at Wally World the last place I expected. It is stitched on 28 ct tea dyed even weave.
  I know you all will be hearing this song in your head forever, but I love the Wizard of Oz. Up next is a little design called "Spells", this one is by Teresa Murgida and it's from the Halloween 2015 Just Cross Stitch magazine.
This is stitched on a 28 ct linen and I forgot the color name. My last finish is "The Skeleton Key" by Lee Fisher of StitchyFish Designs and it is from the Halloween 2016 Just Cross Stitch magazine.
It must be getting close to Halloween :-) .   I joined a one-day SAL on Facebook and it was called "Catch the Hogwarts Express" you were to stitch on something from Harry Potter being that 1 Sept. was the first day of school at Hogwarts, I worked on my Hogwarts Crest.
I was in Atlanta, GA  with hubby at the time and he was "Best Man" for his step brother, so while he was at the rehearsal I got to stitch and got a lot done. I can't show you any wedding picture other than one of myself.
The wedding was beautiful and hubby looked so handsome in a tux. Finally I have a couple of new starts, one is "Leilani the Hula Dancer" it is a freebie from Mirabilia and being stitched on 28ct linen called Willow Wisp from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie. 
I exchanged the called for Caron Waterlilies silk for DMC coloris flosses. Last but not least I joined another SAL on Facebook and we all started "Shortnin' Bread" on the 8th of Sept. She is being stitched on 28 ct antique white even weave.
I am loving stitching this chart, I just think she is beautiful.
Well now you know what's been gong on here. I can't show you what I got for my anniversary right now but I will, when it comes back from being sized.  Now I'm going back to making some wonderful little xxs. See you next time and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Somethings old and somethings new

I have been stitching and stitching and I have two new starts and an old wip to share. I also have a couple of new to me ideas. First I want to share an old wip this is just about finished. It is my "Dollar Bill" it's a freebie from Gloria & Pat, Inc., there is about six inches of back stitching left and it will be a done deal.

I think this is so cute I may add at the bottom "First Dollar I Ever Made" and put it in a frame.
The next piece I want to show is "Wicked Witch" by La-D-Da, stitched on tea-dyed even weave.
I wanted to finish this one instead of it becoming a wip but I ran out of  #844(which is the border) and Michaels didn't have it on Saturday. So I had to put it away, but luckily I have found #844 at Wal-mart (go figure) they usually don't have much. When I feel like going back to it, it will be a done deal too. Up next is "Witch Boot" a little freebie from SullivansUSA (Sullivans Embroidery floss).
I just love the bright Halloween colors in this one, I'm stitching this one with a combination of Sullivans flosses and DMC. You can google a conversion chart for the DMC flosses. The piece I am currently working on is "Frankie the Thinker" from Glendon Place and I am stitching him on 28ct PTP called Hauned.
Remember back a few post I told you about finding out about these perfect grime guards (steering wheel cover from the dollar store) for the 8 inch q-snap for only $1.
Well I found the perfect grime guard for the 6 inch q-snap.
These are headbands from Michaels for $1.50 each. I do love a bargain. One last thing, I have joined the needle-minder craze, there are definitely some beautiful ones out there but way too expensive for my taste. So I bought myself a tube of E6000 industrial strength adhesive and it was on. Here are the ones not in use that I'm storing on my metal chart board.
Well it's time for me to get back to making some wonderful little xxs. Thanks for visiting!

Monday, August 1, 2016


I must have announce my give-away while no one was home! In my last post I told of a couple of beautiful charts I was giving away and nobody asked to be part of the drawing.

 So there was no need to announce a winner yesterday.