Thursday, February 28, 2013

I just popped in...

To give everyone who is following my bread baking project an up-date. Today is day six and a very important one. It's feed the batter day. So I measured out my 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of sugar and one cup of milk.
I was assisted by Mr. Jenkins.  I then added each one to my bag of batter and it was mixed by squeezing and massaging until everything was incorporated.
As you can see he helped with that part too.  For the next three days it's back to just squeezing the bag. Monday is the "BIG" day. Thanks for stopping by and I'm off to listen to a book and make some little xxs.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Wipocalypse Feb 2013

I did it again I almost forgot to add my post for Wipocalypse.  I had just sat down with a plate of over easy eggs, fried potatoes, bacon, toast (actually it's a bowl of oatmeal, but I like to dream) and coffee to do a little light blog hopping and it hit me. So here I am... First to answer your question, What is Wipocalypse? If you click here everything will be made crystal clear.  Well I didn't work on a lot of things this month, here's what I have done:
At last Wednesday's Stitch Night at my LNS I stitched on my "Rose Sampler" it went from this:

to this:

Not very much but every stitch counts.  Since the last Wipocalypse post where I mentioned starting a project by Joan Elliott I have stitched a week long SAL called a SWAT, an IHSW and a in-spirit Stitch & Bitch( I wasn't physically there) and it has all been on this beauty.

I know I've showed it before but I just love these little angels so here they are again.
 I also received the 10th installment of "Around the World in 80 Stitches" and it has gone from this:
to this
This is the part that I am working on now, I have lots more details to add before it's done. I love these stitches the orange is called a tied windmill stitch, the dk seagreen ones are satin stitch flowers, the light purple is a Amadeus stitch, the red and pink are called Indian herringbone  the vines with the yellow lazy daisies with the dk purple ray stitches on them is the Pekinese stitch and last but not least the center square is Ceylon stitches worked with DMC jewel effects as my metallic for this piece. You will see this one again once the details are done.
 Because most of those stitches are new to me and take lots of concentration I couldn't work on them as I watched last nights episode of the "Walking Dead" so I started another set of Angel Wings (kind of a weird combination when you think about it, but it worked).
That is it for this months Wipocalypse maybe I'll get more done by next month. 

Oh yes I mentioned in my last post that I was thinking about starting some Amish Friendship Bread, well I did.  This is now day 3 and this is what the batter looks like.
It looks just like pancake batter but when you open the bag and smell the yeasty aroma you know it's not just pancake batter. Stay tuned for the updates on the bread and if it turns out right I'll share a slice or three.  Thanks everyone for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your stay. So look around and leave a comment and I'm off to listen to an audio book and make some beautiful little xxs.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's cold and rainy

Yes this is a cold and rainy Saturday and I feel blaaaaahhhh. The lack of sunshine affects me I think but it may be the fact that I don't want to do too much of anything anyway.  I have cleaned the kitchen from breakfast and have a load of whites in the washer so now to relax.  I read or should I say listened to a very good book the other day, it was "Rusty Nail" by J A Konrath.  The main character is a female police detective in Chicago, IL by the name of Jack Daniels. I really liked this book so of course I had to find more and I did. On my trip to the library yesterday I found "Fuzzy Navel", "Bloody Mary" and "Dirty Martini", hummmm there seems to be a pattern here :-)

I've stitched about half of the white scroll on the Angels banner but I had to stop and put it away for a spell, I receive the 10th installment of the Around the World in 80 Stitches mystery SAL and if I don't do it now I'll get behind and it will never get finished and besides there are specialty stitches that I've never done before and I love a challenge. So I'll be starting on that a little later.

Have you ever heard of or tasted Amish Friendship Bread?  It takes 10 days to prepare. It starts with a batter that is feed and allowed to grow for 10 days, you bake your bread and then share it along with a cup of the original batter with a friend = friendship bread.  From the batter you can make everything from banana to butterscotch to chocolate pecan bread, the possibilities are endless.
I will be starting my batter and the book Friendship Bread by Darien Gee today.

Oh there goes the washer, my whites are ready for the dryer and they sure won't get there on their own so I'm off. Here is a picture of the Angels.

Maybe next time I'll have a picture of some delicious bread.  Thanks for stopping by, until next time happy xxs.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Almost forgot my IHSW post

  I decided to do the back stitching on the top half of "Angels of the World". I filled in any missing stitches, and finished all my butterflies.  I got a little more of the white done, and I've figured out this is going to be the problem, all of that plain white.  I wish I could finish it and get on to the lettering but, it's sooooooooo boring. I'll keep going but for how long, I can't say.

Thanks to all my followers for stopping by, I hope everybody had a happy and productive IHSW. Going to make some little xxs.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Please join me...

In this months IHSW (International Hermit and Stitch Weekend) hosted by Joysze over at Ramdom Ramblings.  It's some of the best incentive to snuggle in on a cold winter weekend and stitch, just what I will be doing.  I am enjoying working on Joan Elliott's "Angels of the World" so much that is what I will be continuing to stitch this weekend. Here is my starting point for the weekend.

There is still a lot of work on in this one, I could continue filling in the scroll or start some of the back stitching or even start on the bottom half of the chart. Which ever is going to be fun. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you all join me and make some wonderful little xxs.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Here is my picture from Jo at Serendipitous Stitching, it is from a "Secret Stitching Sweetheart".  I'm waiting to see who it could be!
Please leave a comment and reveal yourself.  I'm off to search for my picture. xxs

Sunday, February 10, 2013

February TUSAL

Back by popular demand and to again present my TUSAL is Mr. Cleo Jenkins.  He is displaying all of the beautiful pinks from my finish of "My Needle and My Floss, They Comfort Me" and the gorgeous purples of the "Spring Heart".  On top are all of the different shades of the "Angels of the World" that is currently being stitched.

Mr. Cleo Jenkins also wants to help share my progress.
Welcome new followers and thank you all of stopping by. Time to make some more wonderful little xxs.