Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Only Love could leave heaven for a stable.
Only Humility could use a donkey as a throne.
Only Hope could trade a crown of gold for one of thorns.
Only Jesus could give up everything He deserved, to give us something we could never earn… Life Without End.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 2013 Wipocalypse

I haven't got a lot to share for this past month as far as stitching goes, for some reason, but here goes. First I made a small ornament with mine and my hubby's anniversary as practice for another project I will be starting later for my son and DIL.
Next I worked on "Angels of the World" that I shared in my last post.
Then I won a drawing from Cleejoow, it is a beautiful cat chart "Petit Chat" by Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks. It was started as new traveling chart so I will keep it going, if you are interested in stitching it next let me know in a comment and I will draw a name on the 3rd of April.

 I stitched this cat on 18ct Oatmeal Aida with DMC floss.  I don't know the color name but it looks like cinnamon, so my cat's name is Cinnamon Stick.  And last but not least for the last couple of days I have stitched on my wip I call "Banu" from Seba Designs.

 Well that's it, that's all I have. I'll go back to making the little xxs to share next time. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Long time, No see...

But I've been busy since our last visit.  I finally finished all of the white in the banner above my angles and also managed to stitch the poem. This was done before my hubby took me to Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando; I had the best time ever.  Those places truly make you feel like a kid again, until you start getting those cramps in your legs and feet from all of the walking that you forgot you’re not use too anymore. That’s when you find a bench, sit and relax and just enjoy the beautiful 80 degree weather they were having in Florida.  I hated to leave and come back to winter here in Virginia, yes it’s still cold.  I think the groundhog lied to us.

Oh yeah back to my stitching… I took the angels to Orlando just in case I had a chance to stitch and I did a little but I must have picked up one of those Florida frogs because last night I ended up rippin’ every one of those stitches I put in right back out.  I packed him up and sent him heading south and got my stitching back in-line and here is where I am now.
Thanks everyone for stopping by, I've got to finish laundry and get dinner started and then I’ll be making some little xxs.   Here’s a few pictures from my trip, enjoy.

The Real Bubba Gump Shrimp

Jurassic Park
NO I did not ride this

Monday, March 11, 2013

March 2013 TUSAL

According to my clock I just made it in time with 10 minutes to spare.  Here is my TUSAL of course it is being guarded my non-other than Mr. Jenkins.
To learn all about what a TUSAL is just click on the link button to the right.  Thank you for coming for a visit. Have to get my beauty sleep so I can make some more little xxs.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy!!

Yep, that's what I am! I won the First Year Blogoversary drawing over on Vickie's blog and the mail man delivered a beautiful package to me today. It contained a beautiful bottle-cap pincushion, and pink pin pillow with beautiful pins included. There was also a gorgeous pair of pearl earrings (which just happen to be my birthstone) and a beautiful card.
Thank you Vickie.
Due to the predicted blizzard (that didn't come) for our area this past Wednesday, Stitch Night was canceled so I'll have to share the Friendship Bread next time.  I did get a chance today to visit the 50th Annual Needlework Exhibition at Woodlawn Plantation here in Mount Vernon, VA.
I picked up a patch and a commemorative pin to go along with my exhibit program.  I stopped in the gift shoppe and there was basket labeled "Nelly's Stash" and it was so inviting . I started thumbing through it and all of a sudden these charts jumped out at me as if they were possessed by "Nelly" herself and I had to bring them home with me for only $4.00

As I was driving home for some reason my truck just automatically turned and parked in front of "In Stitches"   and I had to go in. While there I found this:
Isn't it pretty?  Well I think that's enough excitement for one day, so I'm off to relax and make some beautiful little xxs.  Thanks all for stopping by.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I am being sabotaged!

I think my oven is working against me it burned the tops of my Friendship bread.  The first batch I made is low sugar.  The batter was made with and fed with real sugar but the actual bread was made with Splenda and sugar-free pudding. First of all the sugar-free pudding packages are much smaller than the regular puddings therefore the flavor wasn't as noticeable to me. It was suppose to be Cheesecake. It's okay... not my best.

The second batch is my own creation, it is Pina colada.  I used a regular vanilla pudding and sugar and instead of the vanilla flavoring I used 1tsp of coconut extract and 1/2 tsp pineapple extract. The oven still burned the top but this one had lots of flavor.
With errands and a doctor appointment yesterday I didn't finish baking so I still have two more batches to go. I know this is Friendship bread and I'm suppose to give three starters to friends but I don't know enough friends that actually bake. I'll be taking some to Stitch Night tomorrow and if they are interested next baking day I'll share and only bake one batch.
I stole the idea of bottle-cap pin cushions from Vickie  and tried my hand at making one, remember this is my first so it's not the best and nowhere near as good a her's, but it was a lot of fun to make. Instead of a bottle-cap I used one of my little containers you store beads in, I stitched the little ribbon on the orange felt and used green for the cushion. 

Last but not least is"Easter Bonnet" it is a free Herrschners chart stitched one over one on 28ct Monaco. I stitched it three times and finished them each differently. 

If you didn't notice they each have a different color ribbon. To show their size here's another view.
 This too is a first "one over one stitching".
Well baking bread and making little xxs is calling. Thank you to everyone who stopped in to visit, I really appreciate it.