Monday, April 4, 2022

What's New?

 I know you probably weren't expecting to see me this soon, but here I am πŸ˜‡. I've been very busy stitching away on some of my wips and surprisingly a couple of new starts. Lets start with my wips, the first one I worked on since my last post was "Aida Button" (ABC de la Brodeuse) from Jardin Prive'

I stitched quite a few xxs on this one. The next wip I worked on was "Natural Beauty2" from Filanthrope Broderies

There wasn't a lot done on this one when I first started, at least now you can see a face. I love seeing this design come alive but there is a lot of confetti stitching and blended threads. She is a beautiful design.
Up next was "African Angel" from Barbara Baatz. 

I love this design, there was a mistake in it (I'm not going to tell where) that I had to fix and then I just kept stitching and stitching until she is where she now. Wow that wing is huge! Next time I will definitely have to put in that zebra's other front leg so he won't fall over. After working with all of the whites and greys I went to the opposite end of the color spectrum and worked with all black on "A Haunting We Will Go" from Keslyn's. 

Not a lot of progress, but enough to say I did a thing πŸ˜‰. It was becoming clear that I needed some more color in my life, we were still having snow outside so I made it Spring! I worked on "Forever & Ever" from Cottage Garden Samplings.

The saying goes "when you see cardinals Spring is near" now I have a lovely pair. 
As one of my new starts I wanted to stitch something for my nephew in honor of him becoming an Eagle Scout, but I couldn't find an eagle I liked, what I did find is a design of a barn owl. I made a few changes and this is my version of an eagle worthy of an Eagle Scout.

Now to graph his name, troop and date and I'll be all set. I saw this next design and it just spoke to me and I started it with another stitcher, she is TerryLee part of the Facebook group "Cross Stitch Finishline". 


This is where I left off on "Daisy Mae", those ears remind me of Play Boy Bunnies. My story behind this design is that Miss Daisy Mae is a retired bunny who loves her bees.πŸ˜‚
Last but not least is my current new start, as everyone knows it is Halloween all year round so I had to start a little Halloween stitching in Spring. This is "Silhowitches Quaker" from Teresa Kogut.

I did not have the called for fancy flosses (WDW - Swamp Water and Guacamole) so I'm using DMC 4000 and 471, I think I made a great choice.
My final plan for the rest of the month of  April is to continue on Silhowitches and then join the Designer of the Month Focus challenge from the Sunshine Stitchers and GaRon Zoom group and work on Ink Circles "Comparatively Small Red Ship of Life".
Time to make more wonderful little xxs.



Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Backstitch, beads and more.

Surprise! I'm back again with a little update.  After my last post I realized that I had missed showing a finish. This one I think I showed before when I finished the stitching and it was still without the beads. It now has all of the beading done.

Bella Bee

"Bella Bee" is designed by Nora Corbett, she is stitched on 28ct Lugana from Under the Sea Fabrics "Daphne". She is a complementary design to my "Bella Butterfly". Also by Nora Corbett.

Bella Butterfly

The next thing I worked on was a new start, this is a design I picked up on my last trip to New Orleans, when I got to visit Accents Inc. in Metairie, LA. 

Jazz Funeral

"Jazz Funeral" is designed by a local designer in New Orleans, Rose Le Blanc. It represents an African American tradition and I started stitching it for #blackhistorymonth365sal. 
 The last design I worked on is a WIP (work in progress) that I inherited from my friend Connie G. This is a Joan Elliott Design called "Blackwork Peacocks", Connie started the stitch on 32 ct. Jobelan from Fabrics by LJ in "Razzleberry"

I am loving stitching on this beautiful design, I am amazed at the way the peacock is coming alive. The fabric is also GORGIOUS! Connie gave me plenty for another project and I love it.  Well time to get back to making those wonderful little xxs. Happy Stitching!


Sunday, February 13, 2022

Finishes, Starts & WIPs for 2022

 I finally have a chance to share some new things and some old things. I hope everyone has been safe, healthy and productive so far in this new year of 2022.   There is a lot to share so let's get started. I have three new finishes from my wip parade, they are in no particular order:

 This piece is "Suffrage Act" designed by Diane Williams of Little House Needleworks, it is stitched on 32ct. Under the Sea  Fabrics "Selene" with DMC and Glorianna silk "Rain Forest". 

This piece is from Owl Forest Embroidery and I have been calling it Sun and Moon, however I believe the actual name is "Visiting A Fairy Tale" and it is stitched on 32 ct. Jobelan "Lambswool" I really enjoyed working on this one, the sun is beautifully designed.

This design is taken from a much larger reproduction of an antique sampler by Theresa Venette of Shakespeare's Peddler. It's stitched on 32ct. Lugana from Stoney Creek Designs in "Taupe" It may be FFOed into a small for my Stitch Con 2022 exchange.

Last be not least is "Words To Live By-Justice", it is designed by Beth Twist at Heartsting Samplery. It is part of multi-piece series of Words To Live By. This one really stood out to me, it is stitched on 32ct. even weave from Fortnight Fabrics "It's About Thyme". I have four new starts for 2022, the first one was started January 2nd.

The first picture is what the finished piece will look like, it called "Skate Crew" by Rachael Moore from Sengi Stitch. The second picture is where my wip is now, it is being stitched on 32ct. Lugana from Stoney Creek Designs "Taupe". My daughter was a skater and this reminds me of her.

This as you can see is a design from Cottage Garden Samplings called "Gathering Acorns". There was just something so cute about that little squirrel. I am loving the way he is turning out so much I am still working on this one today. It is stitched on 32ct. Seraphim Linen "Dusty Road" with the DMC alternatives.

Yet another animal spoke to me, this one is "Dancer" from Barbara Anna Designs and can be found in the Christmas/Winter 2021 Punch Needle and Primitive Magazine. I am stitching him on 28ct. Lugana from Picture This Plus Hand-dyed Fabric "Twilight". I think it was the turtleneck sweater that got me.

My last new start is very special, it is a reproduction of a sampler stitched in 1820. What makes it unusual and special is that it was originally stitched by a young Black girl at the New York African Free School and is on display at the New York Historical Society.  The reproduction was created by Arlene Cohen of Works By ABC, the design is "Rosena Disery 1820" "Rosena" is being stitched on 28ct. Lugana from Silk Weaver Fabrics "Days Gone By". The poem, the design across the top and Rosena's name is all stitched one over one. I am not a real sampler stitcher but "Rosena" is special.

I also worked on "Moonshine" from Silver Creek Samplers stitched on 32ct. even weave from Fabric Flair "Charcoal" and "Pray" from Teresa Kogut on 32ct. Linen from Weeks Dye Work "Angel Hair".

Well I hope you have enjoyed checking out my cross stitch updates. If you would like to see quicker updates you can find me on Instagram @minniegray5806 and YouTube at Minnie Gray - AllXXs , it is now time to go make some more of the those wonderful little xxs. 
Thanks for stopping by, Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, January 5, 2022


Happy New Year Everyone! 

I use to think that once you are retired, you will have all the time in the world to do everything you want to do. WONK, WONK, WOOONK! Not even close to being true. I have tried to post on Facebook, Instagram, make Flosstube (Youtube) videos and keep my blog updated. Of course something is going to suffer, unfortunately it has been my blog. I appreciate all of you that have not deleted my page and come back to see if there is anything new. I apologize of any inconvenience, if you so desire, you can follow me on: 

Facebook -Minnie Gray


Flosstube - Minnie Gray -All XXs  

Now that all of that is done, lets get to the good stuff,  WIPS

2020 Pandemic Sampler

A Haunting We Will Go

A Lady Named Ella
Ingleside Imaginarium

ABC de la Brodeuse (Aida Button)
Jardin Prive'

Advent Animals
Brooke Books

African Angel
Barbara Baatz

Bella Bee

Blackwork Peacocks
Joan Elliott

Cross Stitching Art

Arlate Studio

Franky the Thinker
Glendon Place

Hogwarts Crest
Colleen Carrington

Ironwork Gate
CW Designs

Just Me
Pick to Pattern

Forever & Ever
Cottage Garden Samplings

MLK Memorial
Posy Collection

Silver Creek Samplers

Natural Beauty 2
Fil'anthrope Broiderie

T'was The Night
JBW Designs

Night Spirit Studio

Kitty & Me Designs

Teresa Kogut

Pretty As A Peacock
Maria Diaz

Repeat The Sounding Joy
Kathy Barrick

Suffrage Act
Little House Needleworks

Sun & Moon 
Owl Forest Emboidery

The Comparatively Small Ship of Life
Ink Circles

Turn Your Face Toward the Sun
Mar Nic Designs


Words to Live By
Heartstring Samplery

Yin Yang

Some of these WIPS you have seen for years, they are finally getting close to being finished. Some you've never seen before, I love them all and plan to add to this list over this next year. So stay tuned for more excitement. If you have any questions about any of the pictures I've shown please leave me a comment and I will answer as soon as possible. Thank you for stopping by, now to make some more of those wonderful little xxs.