Saturday, September 29, 2012

All XX's September Wipocalypse

It’s Wipocalypse time again and I have a few projects that have had no progress they are:
Three Kimonos
Spring Heart
Banu design
However I recently picked up “The Champagner”
The stitching on this one will hopefully be finished before days end.  My other updates are:
“Rose Sampler”
Black & White

You have seen the progress on “Africa”, and the recent finish of the” African Women”, the finish, finish of “Counting Calories”,” Lucky Kitty” and “Christmas in July” in my previous posts, so I won't post the same things again. These are all of the project I have going at the moment,  but you know as a real stitcher I have several waiting in the wings and really want to add a couple of new starts.  I saw this reminder for a beautiful floss give-away over at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe so please go check it out. Thank you all old and new followers for stopping by and I love the comments so keep them coming.  Now it’s time to make some more wonderful little xxs.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Finished Pieces

As I mentioned previously I was working on finishing some of the pieces and was having a hard time deciding what to do with them and how to do it. Well I have a couple I can show.  The first is my Christmas in July SAL piece from Sunshine Stitches, they are little quilt squares I decided to try my hand at making it into a flat ornament.  I think it turned out okay.


 Next up is one that I stitched a while ago and I always envisioned it this way.  I love the little kitty statues that sit in some Chinese food restaurants and I found this chart and just had to stitch it, anyway here it is. As I look at it from a distance it's a little lop-sided at the top but for me it's fine. How cool is it that I actually found a button that looks like a carry-out box to attach to the bottom?

 Those two worked out so well that I tried yet another finish, this one almost made me go off my sugar-free diet.

No I did not eat the cookie it was there just for staging the pillow, I promise. Although I did get a sharp stabbing pain in my heart when I dropped it in the trash can afterwards. Anyway there is also a cute little cookie jar button attached. I made a little more progress on Africa before I received the 6th part of Around the World in 80 Stitches. On Africa I got as far as the top of her bowl and started on her hand before I packed her up for now.

Last Wednesday night was Stitch Night at In Stitches Needleworks and of course I really, really needed another chart so I picked up these.

They are both from Waxing Moon Designs the first one is "Stitching Mends the Soul" and the other is "My Needle and My Floss They Comfort Me". I just love the little ladies.   It took me two days to get this far on AW80S and I am debating if I should cut the Hardanger in this section or not. 

The main instructions are for no-cut but there are two and I can do like I did before, cut one and leave the other uncut. I think that's what I will do. Well wish me luck and I'll share how it turned out next time.  Welcome to all my new followers and thank you all for stopping by and taking the time to leave comments.  Well I'm off to make either a mess or some pretty little xxs.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sept IHSW Update

I almost forgot to post my update for this past weekend.  I have been doing a little work on finishing some stitched pieces and I have come to the conclusion that I hate finishing items.  I can use a sewing machine fine, I can do blind stitching by hand no problem, but trying to think of ways to do it is all together a different story.  Everything shouldn't or can't be framed, but anything pass that and I'm out of my element. So needless to say I didn't stitch as much as I had planned but here is my update of "Africa".

Well it's cloudy and rainy here today and a great day for stitching so I'll get back to it.  Welcome to my new followers and thanks for stopping by and I just love the comment.  Time to make some little xxs.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I know what I will be doing this weekend...

It is hermit time again.  I have started hermitting and stitching but I just wanted to take a short break, I have several finishes I need to do and they will be gifts so no peakies.  I will also be working on "Africa" by Joan Elliott but I won't share progress until the end of  IHSW.  I can share a couple of pics of this amazing sculpture at the National Harbor in Maryland.  It's called "The Awakening" , my hubby took me to brunch last Sunday at the Gaylord Hotel and afterwards we did a little shopping and walking around, it was such a beautiful day and the weather was perfect. Have ever seen a more beautiful blue sky?

 These two shots are of  the Woodrow Wilson Bridge between Alexandria,VA and Maryland also the skyline in the distance of Old Town Alexandria.

 I didn't get the name of this sculpture but it's how I felt after that great brunch and all of the fresh air.
Well thank you for stopping by and welcome to my new followers.  Next time there will be some stitching pictures I promise.  Now to make some wonderful little xxs.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Short and Sweet

Well this may be short and sweet ...or not.  Yesterday I went to stitch night at In Stitches for the first time since our lock-in in July, man I was ready we all had a good time catching up.  I also spent just a little bit on the supplies for my Idelia Mae Rich by Little by Little.  I bought the recommended threads, two were Gentle Arts (Apple Cider and Rhubarb) the others were DMC. The chart called for a 35 ct Dark Espresso which the store didn't have so instead I got a beautiful 36ct Vintage Buttercream and of course it doesn't show in the picture, but believe me it is beautiful.  Now when ever I get the hankering for a new start she's ready to go. 

In my frenzy to make sure I got a copy of the Cross Stitch Gold magazine I bought one from Barnes & Noble  and a few days later my subscription copy came in the mail, so I gifted it to my friend Irene and in return she sent me some fat quarters of fabric, beautiful sparkly floss and the most adorable frog buttons.
I am almost finished stitching the last of the B/W designs, this will be done by days end.  Then it's on to something else in my rotation.
Last but not least is a picture of Freddy the frog with a frog on his back, thanks to my friend Jan I now have a place for all my scissors.

 Well I'm off again to Atlantic City with hubby to celebrate our 36th anniversary. I know it's weird the man loves slot machines.  So I have to pack and decide which stitching project is going along for the ride.  Thanks all for stopping by and of course leave a comment please I'd love to hear from you xxs.