Monday, January 25, 2016

Late January Wipocalypse

 Actually the full moon was on Sunday night which is when you are supposed to share your wips (works in progress) report, part of the SAL my Measi.
However as you all probably already know the east coast of the US was hit with a blizzard over the weekend, well I live in one of the hardest hit areas and spent most of Sunday trying to dig our way out, well needless to say this old girl was not mentally or physically up to the task of writing a post after what a friend of mine called "cardio" (snow shoveling). Here are just a few pictures of the aftermath of that snow storm.

Now back to the Wipocalypse, click on "Measi" above for a real explanation and if you want to join in on the fun. This month being the first of the year we are asked to make an introduction and give a list of our goals for this year, so here goes.

These are the wips I have carried over from last year that I fully plan to finish stitching this year (2016).

Prairie Moon - Thine is the Trick and The Treat
Brook Nolan - Advent Animals

Joan Elliott - Sea Goddess
Silver Creek Samplers - Dare to Be Daniel
Connie Gee's - Diamond SAL

Joan Elliott - Three Kimonos
Gloria & Pat - Dollar Bill
The Primitive Hare- On Wednesday We Stitch Black
This one is a new start for this year and hopefully will be finished this year.

Ursula Micheal - Let's Love Our Family
I had another start during the storm and it stitched up so fast, it's another finish for this year.
Sharon Manspeaker @ Cross Stitch Happy blog Mermaid Scissor Fob

Well that's my intro to my wips so far this year. I hope you enjoyed seeing them. Just a reminder to enter my LHN Calendar Girl Gift-Away.

Thank you for stopping by now off to make some more wonderful little xxs. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness Jan 2016

This is a fun activity hosted by Jo over at Serendipitous Stitching. The rules are simple on the 15th of each month, if you were gifted anything stitchy, share a picture, if you made a stitchy gift for someone share a picture, if you are in the process of making something stitchy for someone share a picture. I think you get the idea. So this little mermaid that I showed in my last post as one of my first two 2016 finishes, was a freebie (a gift)  from the Cricket Collection. Some of her scales and her necklace were embellished with blending filament gifted to me by very good friend, Irene.

I have been wanting to have a give away for a long time so here goes:
Welcome to my first Gift-Away of 2016 
to a very lucky stitcher goes a (sightly used) complete set of 
Little House Needleworks Calendar Girls to be a part
comment on this post as many times as you like, you get an entry for each comment. The more comments the more chances.  On 5 February I will hold a drawing and announce the winner.
Now I have to get back to making those wonderful little xxs.
Good Luck!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I've been trying to be good

Yes, I've been trying to work on  my wips but for some reason everything is distracting me and to top that off I got this beautiful chart, "Let's Love Our Family" in the mail yesterday.
 This is another Ursula Michael design and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to stitch it. I have even kitted it up with DMC and some of the most beautiful fabric. It is "Autumn" from Under The Sea Fabrics.

I did make a little progress on The Dollar Bill and I even have part of a fairy done.

I should at least be able to get feel for this design, that won't be too bad will it?  I'll just put a couple of xxs in and go back to wips. 
I promise!

Monday, January 11, 2016

I Have Not Abandoned My Blog...

There was just so many life changing events happening that my mind was not into blogging, but with the start of a new year I hope I’m back for good. Let’s see, where did I leave off last time, oh yeah! I was gearing up for my very first stitching retreat in Hershey PA.  It was set up by a wonderful lady by the name of Fae Kuhn, who I met in a Facebook stitching group.
 The main guest designers was Joan Elliott and  yes , I actually got to meet her in person and she even recognized me first from my pictures on Facebook. I shared my version on her mystery SAL “Faces” with her.
 Another wonderful lady by the name of Lori Laughlin (with Joan and I) organized the making of a quilt to thank Joan for her free sal (I had 2 squares in it) and it turned out great. The quilting was done by Tammy Horton and she really out did herself with the quilt.  
The very talented Ursula Michael and Jean Farish were also there. 

  I attended a specialty stitches demonstration, a framing class and a finishing demonstration.  I met stitchers from as far away as Washington State to Ireland there. Fae did a wonderful job, it was amazing and I am already for the next one.

I collected pictures of all my finishes for 2015 and placed them in a folder at the top of my page if you would like to view them there are over 69 designs stitched. I will be posting a new finishing folder for 2016, there are already two designs to place there. The first is Cross Stitch Lover by Ursula Michael
and the second is The Swim Instructor from The Cricket Collection (it was a freebie).
I did not make a new year’s resolution but I plan to complete all of my wips before starting any long more term (big) project. As you see I said big project because there will always be smalls that just have to be stitched right away. My wips are:
Brook Books Advent Animals
2015-2016 Connie Gee SAL
Dare to Be Daniel-Silver Creek Samplers
Sea Goddess- Joan Elliott
The Rose Sampler – Ellen Maurer-Stroh
Thine is The Trick and The Treat – Prairie Moon
Three Kimonos – Joan Elliott
Lucie Heatons Monthly Fairies

Dollar Bill – Gloria & Pat

Since I am getting back to normal, I am already a day late with my TUSAL report as usual. I emptied my old jar and have started a new one so there's not much to it but here it is.
Thank you all for continuing to follow my blog and now I must go make some wonderful little xxs.