Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I'm still here...

A little more weary,but here.  I owe you all an explanation for my disappearance but for now I just want to share my finishes for 2014 , which are in a page up top. I have a few wip
Wednesday We Stitch Black /The Primitive Hare (Come in my little pretties)
Advent Animals /Brooke Nolan
Dare to be Daniel /Silver Creek Samplers
Joan Elliott 2014 Mystery SAL
Make A Wish / Joan Elliott
Rose Sampler /Ellen Maurer-Stroh
Sea Goddess/ Joan Elliott
Tranquil Sea/ Anne MacGregor
Thine is the Trick and the Treat/ Prairie Moon
Three Kimonos/ Joan Elliott
Calendar Girls / Little House Needleworks
My Advent Animals are part of a 25 part set and this is as far as I have gotten but these two are finishes for 2014. Joan Elliott's Mystery SAL has 4 more sections but these are finishes for 2014. Make a Wish needs a border but the main design is a finish for 2014. This is the only one of the Three Kimonos finished for 2014. Finally I am missing the chart for December Calendar Girl but these are finishes for 2014.  The rest are true wips.  My main goal for 2015 is to do finishing work on all of the stitched items in my 2014 folder and complete all of the above wips. 
Thank you all for staying my followers and stopping by for a visit and I wish you all a very safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!