Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This is all I can show right now..

but I have been stitching.  This is the progress I have made on the second installment of the mystery SAL "Around the World in 80 Stitches.  Yes there is Hardanger  and I did it!  I was scared to death to cut my fabric, I think I was holding my breath the whole time.

 Well this will be a really short post, just wanted to share. Next time I'll try to get a clearer and closer picture.  Welcome to all new followers and thanks to everybody for stopping by.  Got to make the little xxs and specialty stitches.

Friday, May 25, 2012


        Before the cookouts, the bar-b-ques and the volley ball games … take a minute to say a prayer and give thanks to all who have sacrificed. 
Stay safe, don’t drink and drive, see you all next time.
Minnie xxs

Monday, May 21, 2012

IHSW & TUSAL for MAY 2012

This week I have lots to share.  My plan was to work on my Mystery SAL during this hermitting weekend, but it was late being posted so instead I worked on “African Women” except for the couple of times I had to sneak out to enjoy the beautiful weather we were having.  I popped into Wal-Mart to check on the progress in their new craft department and picked up a few little things. 

I finally got my second part of the Papillon Creations Mystery SAL ( Around the World in 80 Stitches) and it looks exciting there are Mordvinian star stitches, Swedish Slip stitches, Danish knot and even Hardanger, none of which I have ever done before, some I have never heard of.  Well I wanted to learn new stuff, here it is.
Last Wednesday night at our stitch-in I picked up a grab bag, see what I got for just $5.00

I also realized that our shop was one featured in the current issue of “Cross Stitch and Needlework” on page 21 that’s us. 
If you would like check out the shop’s blog, there are some lovely pictures there.
As I said before I had to sneak out of hermitting a couple of times , Sunday I went to the 49th Annual Needlework Exhibition held at a local historical site here in Alexandria,  the Woodlawn Plantation
Sorry, couldn’t take any pictures of the pieces displayed there, they were in the rooms of this  200+yr old plantation house and no pictures allowed.  There were some absolutely gorgeous pieces the one that really stuck with me was a dog embroidered and it had actual whiskers.  Talk about details, this was beautiful.
Well today is rainy so I’ll be staying in and stitching.  I want to welcome all my new followers and thank you all for all of the lovely comments.  Please come again.  I’ll leave you with the progress picture of “African Women” and I’m off to make some wonderful little xxs.
Yes I am cheating, I forgot to post my TUSAL yesterday and I don't want to post it completely by itself so I'm adding it here.

 Joysze and Daffy Cat love you both:-)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY and everything else...

To all my blog mothers, grandmothers and mothers –to-be I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day.  I have a few things I would like to share from this past week. My garden gnomes have finally got some work done and planted some colorful flowers in my balcony flower box.

I received these two Joan Elliott charts, aren’t they beautiful?  The first one is the “Victorian Doll House” and the other is “Spirit Dancer”.  I ordered them directly from her website as a chartpack. 

I have a couple of finish, finishes to share the first is a peacock feather, I can’t remember when I stitched it or who it’s by at the moment will dig that out later.  The other is one I just did, it’s called the Byzantine Gem by Papillon Creations.

Here are the amazing items I received from Edgar over at Blacksheeps’ bit of the Web ,I was one of the winners of his 5th blogaversary give-away drawing. Thanks again Edgar!

That’s about it for now, thanks to all of my followers for stopping by and I’m off to watch movies, eat a few M&Ms and make some wonderful little xxs.

Monday, May 7, 2012


I haven’t put in a single stitch since last Wednesday stitch night; where I worked on another installment of my black & white project.  The reason for this is I had visitors from out of town, one of my sisters and my hubby’s sister.  They both wanted to visit us and the Nation’s Capital so they flew together.  It was a great visit but no stitching.  That also explains why my Wipocalypse post is late this month. Here it is:
1.        Some progress made on the b & w  project
2.       No stitching on African Women in a while will have to rotate to it soon
3.       Haven’t touch the Champagner since last update
4.       No stitching on the Spring Heart this month
5.       No stitching on the Rose Sampler
6.       Still only one of the Three Kimonos
7.       I did finish both hearts in the Papillon Creation Mystery SAL
8.       Since I finished His Name is Jesus I added this small Papillon Creation it’s called Byzantine Gem
And now for some pictures:

Here are a couple pictures of my visitors. On this first one I was experimenting with my camera it's in B/W. I bet you can guess which one is  my sister.  We had a wonderful visit, even though the weathermen predicted rain the whole weekend the only rain we had was during our boat tour and we were inside.  By the time the boat ride was over the rain had stopped.
In front of the Capt. Bldg

At the MLK memorial

At the WWII memorial

Again at the MLK memorial
 Now there was no rain here the whole weekend as I mentioned and we got these lovely ladies to the airport on time for their flight home yesterday, their flight was routed through Atlanta, GA and then back to Chicago, IL well of course there was a rain delay getting into Atl. so they missed their connecting flight and were stuck overnight. They are booked for a 3 pm flight but are waiting in the airport on stand-by just in case. I'm calling every hour or so checking that they are doing okay until they are safely on the plane home.  Poor ladies; I know this will definitely be a trip to remember.

So while I wait I'll make some beautiful little xxs.  Thanks to all for stopping by.