Thursday, October 9, 2014


The question asked this month is "Are you a Halloween or Christmas stitcher?" My answer is I can't decide, it kind of depends on which charts I see first. The stitching magazines for both usually come out around the same time and most of the local shops have Christmas in July and Halloween in May or June. As far as stitching goes I love both so which ever I see first that's which one I'm stitcher for the year. Like this year is Halloween.

 I stitched another Halloween ornament but it's for an exchange and can't share just yet. I have also been working on my Joan Elliott Mystery SAL this past month. Due to so much skin showing on this one and I'm stitching one over one it has taken a little longer but I'm loving every stitch.
 Almost done.  Then there are of course my Sept. Calendar Girl and Cake.
I love the little bee made of beads.  I managed to finish Katie Kitty from Brooke Books Productions.
None of my other wips have been touched but I'll give them all a little love soon. Until next time thank you all for stopping by and welcome to all new followers. Going to make some wonderful little xxs.