Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I am being sabotaged!

I think my oven is working against me it burned the tops of my Friendship bread.  The first batch I made is low sugar.  The batter was made with and fed with real sugar but the actual bread was made with Splenda and sugar-free pudding. First of all the sugar-free pudding packages are much smaller than the regular puddings therefore the flavor wasn't as noticeable to me. It was suppose to be Cheesecake. It's okay... not my best.

The second batch is my own creation, it is Pina colada.  I used a regular vanilla pudding and sugar and instead of the vanilla flavoring I used 1tsp of coconut extract and 1/2 tsp pineapple extract. The oven still burned the top but this one had lots of flavor.
With errands and a doctor appointment yesterday I didn't finish baking so I still have two more batches to go. I know this is Friendship bread and I'm suppose to give three starters to friends but I don't know enough friends that actually bake. I'll be taking some to Stitch Night tomorrow and if they are interested next baking day I'll share and only bake one batch.
I stole the idea of bottle-cap pin cushions from Vickie  and tried my hand at making one, remember this is my first so it's not the best and nowhere near as good a her's, but it was a lot of fun to make. Instead of a bottle-cap I used one of my little containers you store beads in, I stitched the little ribbon on the orange felt and used green for the cushion. 

Last but not least is"Easter Bonnet" it is a free Herrschners chart stitched one over one on 28ct Monaco. I stitched it three times and finished them each differently. 

If you didn't notice they each have a different color ribbon. To show their size here's another view.
 This too is a first "one over one stitching".
Well baking bread and making little xxs is calling. Thank you to everyone who stopped in to visit, I really appreciate it.


Mii Stitch said...

Ooooh, pina colada bread!!! Sounds delicious!!! Love your little pin cushion! I've seen a beautiful one in a mag but dare not try one, I don't think it will look like it's supposed to :D Lovely stitching too Minnie.

Vickie said...

Hooray Minnie! I am so proud of you! Now wasn't that fun?! I just love bottle cap pincushions! AND I love over one stitching too! ;)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

The bread sounds really good! that is some tiny stitching and so cute too!

Shirlee said...

I've always admired those bottle cap pincushions ... you did a great job on yours! The pina colada bread sounds wonderful! Did I miss a recipe?

Christine said...

The pincushion is very sweet. Well done on mastering over 1 stitching

Cleejoow said...

oh wow that is just tiny... well done :)

xstitchatoz said...

Love your Easter bonnet finishes and the pincushion too! Hmmm, pina colada bread... yumm! :)