Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's cold and rainy

Yes this is a cold and rainy Saturday and I feel blaaaaahhhh. The lack of sunshine affects me I think but it may be the fact that I don't want to do too much of anything anyway.  I have cleaned the kitchen from breakfast and have a load of whites in the washer so now to relax.  I read or should I say listened to a very good book the other day, it was "Rusty Nail" by J A Konrath.  The main character is a female police detective in Chicago, IL by the name of Jack Daniels. I really liked this book so of course I had to find more and I did. On my trip to the library yesterday I found "Fuzzy Navel", "Bloody Mary" and "Dirty Martini", hummmm there seems to be a pattern here :-)

I've stitched about half of the white scroll on the Angels banner but I had to stop and put it away for a spell, I receive the 10th installment of the Around the World in 80 Stitches mystery SAL and if I don't do it now I'll get behind and it will never get finished and besides there are specialty stitches that I've never done before and I love a challenge. So I'll be starting on that a little later.

Have you ever heard of or tasted Amish Friendship Bread?  It takes 10 days to prepare. It starts with a batter that is feed and allowed to grow for 10 days, you bake your bread and then share it along with a cup of the original batter with a friend = friendship bread.  From the batter you can make everything from banana to butterscotch to chocolate pecan bread, the possibilities are endless.
I will be starting my batter and the book Friendship Bread by Darien Gee today.

Oh there goes the washer, my whites are ready for the dryer and they sure won't get there on their own so I'm off. Here is a picture of the Angels.

Maybe next time I'll have a picture of some delicious bread.  Thanks for stopping by, until next time happy xxs.


sharine said...

You have made great progress on the white:)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

You have come a long way on that white!

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

What is the name of this pattern...I think this is so neat are doing a terrific job on this.

I just found your Blog and I love reading your Blog and looking at all of your photos.

Here is the link to my Blog:

I have become a follower of your Blog and I would love for you to be a follower on mine.

Happy Stitching
Linda K, Railroad

Vickie said...

Oh my goodness! Amish Friendship Bread! I ate that in college. Rather helpful how it reproduces when you are dirt poor. ;)

Anne said...

Lovely progress on Angels!! Please do take a photo of the Friendship Bread. It sounds delish!!

Vicky said...

I cant' wait for a wet and windy Saturday or Sunday LOL

Nicola said...

Hello Minnie,

I cannot believe that I have not found your blog before, we have so many mutual friends.

Looking forward to following your stitching progress.

Wish we had some of your sunshine for drying here in the UK at the moment.

Nicola xx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great progress on the banner, it's nice to have some easy filling in sometimes. Totally unlike the Papillon!

Looking forward to seeing your Part 10