Friday, March 16, 2012

Just a short note to remind all that this is the beginning of the International Hermit & Stitch Weekend, for more info click on the adorable little crab button on my sidebar to the right.  (Yes, it's there you have to scroll down a little, see).

Also to highlight another of my figurines  “Personal Furnace”  I’m sure all you ladies like myself who are of a certain age understand this one.  However it is also how I felt yesterday because we reached 82 degrees here in Northern VA.  It is still officially winter but I have played golf in shorts, opened all the windows and turned on the fans to sleep by.  With the dry and very mild winter we have had I am predicting a sweltering summer. 

Here is what I’ve worked on lately, the first one is another finish “Random Threads” by Erica Michaels, and I found these little buttons at Michael’s the other day that fit with this piece.   Should I embellish or not?  What do you think? 

Also I have been working on “His Name is Jesus”. This is still the first page of the chart; I’m really enjoying stitching it and want to finish it before moving on in my rotation or I may just continue thru the IHSW.

Thank you all for the beautiful comments I love them so please keep them coming and visit as often as you likeJ

I’m off now to make some more wonderful little xxs.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Nice to know you and I are working on His Name Is Jesus. Your colors are lovely! I am working on my third or fourth one so I am zipping along. Love the other piece as well and that figurine is a hoot! I like to tell people my inner child likes to play with matches.!

Shirlee said...

Minnie! Thanks so much for posting about it being IHSW! I totally forgot! Looks like my weekend is now planned : ) Your WIPs are beautiful & I swear, you have the most hilarious knick-knacks ... lol! That one is definitely me : )

Karen said...

Oh my gosh, I love "Personal Furnace"! It is so true!

Love your WIPs. Looking at your "Random Threads", my thinking is that there's a lot going on in a compact area in that design, and MHO would be to not embellish.

Enjoy IHSW!

Karyn said...

OMW, Minnie, I love "Personal Furnace" and can relate to her! :)

Your finishes are beautiful! I love your buttons and think that they would look gorgeous on a finish, but maybe not on "Random Threads," only because it is so beautiful and perfect just the way it is :)
Enjoy your IHSW...I took a break from mine to read up on blogs...but soon back to it.

Freddysmama (Kirstin) said...

IHSW crept up on me unawares! Have just zipped over an added my name to the list, thank you Ma'am :)

LOL, Personal Furnace is gorgeous!

Have you tried placing the beads on random threads? I'm thinking don't embellish but perhaps a "bead toss" or two would make it easier to decide.

His Name is Jesus was a freebie, wasn't it? I'm sure I've got it somewhere.

Have a lovely stitchy weekend :)