Friday, November 18, 2011

What a week I've had...

Here are the pictures I spoke about of me on the steps of the White House and a couple more; there is also a picture outside of my sister and me when she visited in Sept. 

 I didn’t get to go inside that time.  
On Wednesday I did laundry (nothing exciting there)  and went to the Stitch In but I didn’t get very much stitching done I think they should change the name to a chat-in or talk-in because that is what we did and man did I have a good time. For some reason my soldier memorial is not moving along very fast as it should, I want to finish it because it’s for a worthy cause but not a cheery occasion and I think that's getting to me. 

  Thursday was spent blog-hopping all day and boy does time fly when you are having fun, then it was time for dinner and the circus or I should say Cirque Du Soleil.  I love going to the circus, I have seen a few of them and I would have to say this one was my least favorite so far.  There were some amazing acts but there is usually an overall story line and I didn’t get this one, however I got to spend some quality time with my adorable hubby,  who admitted to taking a couple of power naps during the aerial acts.  The program says the meaning of Quidam is (nameless passerby, a solitary figure lingering on a street corner, a person rushing past, a person who lives lost amidst the crowd in an all-too-anonymous society). Hey couldn’t that be all of us at one time or another?

 Anyway it is time to become a Hermit and Stitch some of those lovely little xxs.   


Terri said...

Hi. Great pictures! I'm a fairly new follower of your blog and wanted to say hello.

I recently finished a memorial also, but I was the opposite. I really wanted to get it done to give to the family, especially since they are friends of ours. Hang in there, you'll get it done! And I'm sure it will be well received!

MarchAnn said...

Wow we did have a lot of chatter and laughs on Wednesday evening didn't we.
The Memorial is taken time but it is worth it and each stitch is just more feeling of caring put into the piece.
The Cirque Du Soleil bet that was a blast.

Joysze said...

Love your DC pics!!!

Sorry you didn't enjoy Quidam. Hope the next one is better. :D