Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I had hoped I would have more progress on the soldier memorial to share but I worked on 12 Days until the wee hours in the morning on Sunday and Monday just got away from me.  Have you ever just accomplished absolutely nothing and couldn’t figure out why and what you did all day.  I did get a late start yesterday due to my late night activities the night before, then I visited with my daughter when she came home from work for a while, I defrosted the remains of our fried turkey and made potpies and turkey salad (I had to freeze it on Saturday and give ourselves a little break, but I had to get rid of it). After eating our delicious potpies I continued stitching on the soldier memorial and I’ve now finished the heart, I think the rest will go pretty quick.  I’ve got a couple of Christmas gifts to start, but I can’t show them, just know that I am stitching as always.   Here are the pictures of my recent progress.

If you haven't already, check out my Other Crafts tab and see what else I've done.
Gotta run and make some more of those wonderful little xxs.


sharine said...

Both wips are looking very nice.

Julie said...

12 Days is coming along great,so too is Memorial.Like the way the flag is shaped into a heart.

Joysze said...

12 days look awesome, Minnie!!!!

Love the soldier memorial.