Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This week is already half over

Just a short post today, took my tour of the White House yesterday, it was so exciting to actually be inside.  Unfortunately I didn't see any memebers of the first family, I took the hubby along just in case I did because he would have had to carry me out.  The other disappointing part was that the tour did not include the Oval Office it was of the original section consisting of the Green, Blue, Red and China Rooms that surprisingly look a lot bigger on tv, I saw the State Dining Room and the East Room.  I even walked down that impressive hallway with the red carpet where the President sometime does press conferences and makes announcements. I wish I could have taken pictures but none were allowed inside. I'll show the pictures from outside next time. The tour was great.
  Today is the Stitch In @ In Stitches Needleworks which should be a lot of fun and some stitching as usual.  Also a reminder this is the weekend for IHSW click on the crab on my sidebar for more details and also go to to sign up for the 2012 TUSAL.
Stitching is going slow in the soldier memorial so there isn't a picture today I hope there more to show next time.
Well time to go finish laundry and make some more little xxs.

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Julie said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip to the White House.I love visiting places like that.Look forward to seeing your photos.