Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today is one of my least favorite days of the year, “boobie smashing day” the poor old girls have been through a lot over the years, but to be safe I guess they have to endure some torture.   I was going to work on my Black & White chart while I waited but everything went so quick today, no waiting.  This was the first time having a mammogram done at our new hospital on Fort Belvoir in Virginia. 
In my modified rotation as I like to call it I have made a little progress on the soldier memorial and on the Green goddess.  I had a hard time with the red for the memorial, I changed it a couple of times some were too pink and some were too purple so I have combined two different variegated threads (DMC #48 & DMC #107) to get the affect that I wanted.  I could have gone in search for the SILK’N COLORS floss suggested by the chart but I wanted to get started and use what I already had on hand.

On the Green goddess I made another change, in the background there is a sort of honey cone like affect which was supposed to be stitched with Kreinik #4 braid 3215 Peridot but with all of the sparkles from the fabric itself it completely faded out. Instead I used DMC 703 Chartreuse it looks really good, not too dark, hopefully you can see it in the photo.
Well time to go make some more xxs.


MarchAnn said...

I think you made a good choice on the back ground Minnie. It really looks great.
Been there done that with the old girls but we do what we have to don't we.

Julie said...

Crikey,your on a roll since i last visited you. :)
Like the background to the Goddess.
The Memorial piece is a lovely gesture.
Look forward to seeing the figures completed in quilt style.

Oh,and hope your boobies have recovered from their ordeal. ;)

Joysze said...

Poor girls... I hope it didn't hurt too much this time, and yes, it's better to do that and be safe. :D

I like your choice of red combos for the flag and man, Minnie!!! You've done a lot on GG!!! The background looks fab. I'm liking your change. :D

Ewa said...

Beautiful progress! And pertaining to your previous entry, I try to stitch the same way - do a certain amount before I switch, but it doesn't usually work out for me and I get too impatient.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

This is simply beautiful!!!! Oh my goodness how wonderful. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving Zoe and I such a nice comment. You made our day together even more special.

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

Those reds do look stunning! and the GG is looking lovely. What fabric are you using?

Minnie said...

Green goddess is stitched on Charles Craft 14ct gold Stardust Aida.