Friday, November 4, 2011

Stitching Fun & Challenges

Some friends of mine on Cross Stitch were planning a challenge for 2012 where you start 15 items during the first 15 days of January.  Being a OAATer I can’t officially be a part of this challenge but I do have a serious problem.  As soon as I see something I like, I will put together a kit for it with all the threads, some with fabric and even a working copy of the chart.  I have at least 20 kits ready to go at any moment, I do have 3 items going right now but this is very unusual. 
 The last time I tried multiple projects was with the Angel of Cross Stitch and after a while I thought she was calling to me…”finish me, finish me”, maybe it will be the Green Goddess this time.  I may need someone to talk me off balcony railing so stay tunedJ
I went to a stitch night at my LNS “ In Stitches Needlework”   on Wednesday evening and I worked on” 12 Days” being stitched on 32ct Belgium linen (a first) actually a mistake, I thought I had picked up 28ct.  It’s a little tough on the old eyes but there is no rush, if it is not done by this Christmas, there’s another one next year.
 I really enjoyed the stitch in, we talked current events Kim K, LiLo, House Wives (you know the important stuff) and actually got some stitching done.  I now (sorta) understand about the TUSAL and it sounds like fun, so I’ll show the one I started at the next new moon. 
I am working on a TO-DO List page with a better look at all of my projects I have kitted up and ready to go and as promised “the STASH”.  I’ll have to take pictures of everything so it may take a while, but it’s coming.  So you just have to keep coming backJ

Well it’s time to go make some more little xxs.


XXXStitching (Emma) said...

Loving a look at your stash! I'm the same have so many projects to do. The 15 at once sounds like an interesting challenge but I tend to get engrossed in one in paticular so tend only have one big one and side smaller projects on the go at one time...but you've got me thinking now hahaha

Karen said...

Hi Minnie, I just found your blog today...beautiful stitching!