Monday, October 31, 2016

WOW! and WOW!

What a fun retreat! My weekend actually started on Thursday morning, my friends Jan, Lynn and Helen and I loaded up and headed out on our road trip to Harrisburg, PA. After a delicious lunch at the Kountry Kitchen Restaurant in Thurmont, MD we finally made it to the Red Lion Hotel in Harrisburg, PA. The evening started with a meet & greet for early arrivals and of course a little stitching. At 9 am on Friday we all got checked in and turned in our exchange boxes (silly me forgot to take a picture of mine first), then the shopping could begin. On my first round I found a few pieces I really needed from Needleworker's Delight & Silkweavers Fabrics.

and these two gorgeous pieces from Hand Dyed Fabric by Stephanie. 

I then moved over to Sue Hillis' corner where I just had to have a few things

Including a picture with Sue Hillis.

I worked my way around to Jean Farish for a little more retail therapy where I got this one 

and a picture, saying Hi! Irene with Jean.  Next I hit the donation tables and boy did I score there I rescued these 5 Lavender & Lace and a Told In the Garden all for $1.00 each!

After a little stitching I visited some of the other stitchers and here is just a sampling of the beautiful work being done.
"Eva" stitched by Margaret McGinnis
designed Nora Corbet
"The Traveller" stitched by Renee Bruno
from Cross Stitch Collectables
"Sloth" stitched by Judy Alabek
designed by Jayne Mayhew  
"Sharon's Garden" stitched by Cheri Skertick
designed by Wendy KC Designs
Add c"Spooked" by Lizzy Kate

Stitched by Debbie Nicola

Pamela Swisher Linaburg
with her "Sunflower"
Melody Ritenour Smith
with her T- shirt

"Under Prairie Stars" stitched by Stephanie Allen
designed by Linda Myers

"America the Beautiful"
stitched by Patty Waldroup
designed by Sue Hillis

Here is Melita Glavin stitching "Baby Boy Design" designed by her friend here Linda Mitchell.
I can't forget this mother and daughter duo, Victoria Owens stitching A"mazing" Friends SAL by Ursula Michael and Audra Owens stitching a Christmas Tree by an unknown designer.

"Butterfly Lace Mandala from Chatelaine
stitched by Caitlin Twigg
"Monogram" by Jean Farish
stitched by Debbie Wallace
"Address Puzzle" stitched by Sharrin Edwards
designed by Jan Houtman

A new stitchy friend all the way from
Nuenburg, Germany- Claudia Gruber
Of course I have to show a picture of my group from left to right
Helen, me, Jan and Lynn.  I have to show my beautiful gift box I received in the exchange
from a new stitchy friend Gina Williams
This is the retreat gift bag and goodies from inside.
I made several trips to the vendors and the donation table where I picked up more goodies
Hand Dyed Fabric by Stephanie

charts from Summer House Stitche Works
I didn't forget to get a picture with Stephanie Bishop of Hand Dyed Fabric by Stephanie and Beth Seals from Summer House Stitche Works.  It was so great to meet them both.

I got this from Jayme Makowski's corner
The rest of these were rescues, I just couldn't leave them there .

 This basket was gifted to me by Debbie Wallace and it is now the home of my grime guards, thanks again Debbie.

Well there was more to the retreat but I think I have gone on long enough in this post so I'll share the rest next time. Right now I think I'll go make a few wonderful little xxs.  Thank for staying with me this long.

Sorry for the tiny print at the top, for some reason it won't let me correct the size of the font.


Rebekah said...

Glad to hear you had such a good time. It looks like you ended up with some wonderful new charts and fabrics.

Julie said...

Such talented ladies you met with at the retreat. Thanks for sharing your lovely time and the goodies your bought and purchased, lots to keep you busy.

suzy mcclung said...

What a wonderful experience! All those looks like such fun. I think next year may have a stitch retreat in my future. What a lovely post.

Von said...

Stitching retreats are always the best kind of fun! So glad you got to go!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Wow, you really did have a grand retreat! Good scores on the rescued charts. I have all those lavender and lace ones and then some!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a great retreat, it looks like so much fun! And look at you with all the stars LOL. You certainly scored some bargains. I love the Sue Hillis Dark Shadows designs. I have the Julie Hasler book from when it as first published. I've not seen anything by her since then which is a shame. I like her stuff!

Heather said...

Looks and sounds like a lot of fun!