Monday, November 7, 2016

Isn't it Ironic?

I was so excited and wanted to hurry and share my retreat adventure with everyone that I was horribly sloppy and made several mindless errors in my last blog. I do apologize and hope I am forgiven.
Several months ago a fellow blogger by the name of "March Ann" at Stitching Again, sent in my name to Cross Stitch Collections magazine. I was contacted to do a written interview and told that it would be in one of their future issues. Well last month another fellow blogger by the name of "Jo I can't think of a clever name" at Serendipitous Stitching contacted me and said she saw me in her magazine and offered to send me a copy all the way from across the pond.  Of course than I was contacted by the magazine and they sent me a copy of the page I was on from the magazine. I am so excited to be featured in an international cross stitch magazine here is the picture below.
Issue #268 November 2016 Cross Stitch Collection
Thank you again to March Ann and Jo!
Since my last post I finished this small piece from Little House Needleworks that I started in the car on the way to Harrisburg, PA for the retreat. It is called "Baked Goods".

After my finish I pulled out "Leilani" a freebie from the Mirabilia Minions Retreat 2016 ( free on the website). I added a few more beads and started to fill in the flowers in her hair.

Yesterday (which was Sunday) I went to a local library for a little stitching get together hosted by Stephanie Kyne (a local fellow floss tuber I met at the retreat) and I worked on my
"Game of Thrones Houses-Banners" from clouds factory.
As promised here are a few more pictures from the retreat.

I just discovered how to make a collage, now to makes some wonderful little xxs.


D1-D2 said...

Congratulations on the write up :)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

How awesome that is to be in a magazine! Love the stitching pieces also.

CalamityJr said...

How special to be featured in a stitchy magazine! You've accomplished some great stitching, and it looks like you had fun learning how to make a collage. Just one question - was there a wedding at your retreat?!

Karen said...

How cool to be featured in a magazine! I will get myself to the local Books-A-Million and see if they have it yet!

Astrids dragon said...

How exciting, congratulations on being featured in the magazine!
Looks like a great time at the retreat, I'd like to make it someday. I would have joined you on Sunday, but our son had his last baseball game of the season and I kind of needed to be there!
I love your stitched pieces, Leilani looks so lovely.

Justine said...

Congratulations on making the big time! I will have to look for that magazine and read all about you.
Lovely stitches - I don't know how you stitch in a car!

Marilyn said...

Congrats on being featured in the magazine!
Great projects, and the collage is too cool. :)
Glad you had a good time at the retreat.

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely little crosses & congrats on being featured in a magazine!!!

Lesley said...

Congratulations on your magazine appearance,lovely stitching and a great collage of photos of your retreat adventure.

Vickie said...

It is a great honor to be featured in that magazine. Congratulations!

Von said...

Congrats on the magazine feature, Minnie!
In addition to your blog, I've been enjoying your flosstube videos. Keep up the great stitching!

Christine said...

Congratulations on the magazine feature.

blue star stitcher said...

How exciting to be featured in a magazine with your beautiful stitching!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The blogger of the month is always the first page I turn to because I know so many! This month it's my friend Heather. I think it's a lovely article.
Great in the GoT piece, I really like the banner and castles. I also enjoy Stephanie's blog and flosstube,I was watching her this afternoon!

Julie said...

Congrats on being in the magazine.
Your collage is great.

Karen said...

Minnie, I picked up a copy of Cross Stitch Collection at Books-A-Million this evening; very nice interview! How cool!

Ann Neal said...

Can you please tell me the designer of Holy Holy? It's gorgeous! My email is
Thank you!

Heather said...

Isn't Jo great?! I was in the magazine in the month after yours and she's sending me one too. Congrats!