Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I have been busy since my last post, sorry.  Last week I didn’t stitch as much but that is not to say I didn’t work on stitchy stuff.  I finished the framing of my soldier memorial and I framed “Random Threads” instead of a regular matt for RTs I decided to use some scrapbooking paper as a border in the frame.  I can’t afford to have my pieces professionally framed so I have to do them myself with store bought frames and there is never enough room for the matt, core board and the back of the frame so the scrapbooking paper worked pretty good and it’s acid free.  I did make a little progress on “His Name is Jesus” but it was time to move on in my rotation to something else.  I picked up the “Champagner”. 

Two blog related items are; I was invited by Jackie over at ScatteredThreads II to contribute on another blog, it is the Southern Roots Stitching Blog check it out.  Second I was nominated for another Liester Award, thank you Karen at The View From the StitchingChair.  I don’t think I’ll be doing the whole process over again, I really don’t know that many more bloggers to pass it on too, but I really do appreciate you thinking of me.
Over the weekend my hubby and I did some very unstitching things, we replaced the countertops in my kitchen.  We now have all new marble-like laminate counters.  The hardest part was cutting out the hole for the sink but we did it.  The first one we cut the hole too big and the sink almost fell through so we had to start over with a whole new counter.  The second time was the charm.
Last but certainly not least is a figurine that I am sure everyone can kind of relate to.  Whatever religion you belong to or faith you believe in I’m sure there is a special place you go to worship and this represents mine.  

Well today is beautiful and my hubby called and invited me to play nine holes after work so I have to go make a few xxs before then.  I want to thank you all for stopping by to visit, please leave comments I love them.


Shirlee said...

Minnie ... I think today's figurine is the best I've seen so far! You are lucky that you & your DH are handy around the home. For John & me it's call a professional or live with it. Your new counter top looks great! Lucky you being able to frame things yourself. You are a woman of many talents : )

sharine said...

Your stitching looks lovely. The figurines are great.

Joy said...

Congrats on your finishes and framing!! You are making some great progress on your WIPs! I just adore your figurines and your stories behind them.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Hello my friend! Love all the stitching and that figurine is precious. Maybe practice made perfect on the countertop. I like the color of it. Huggles to you and hubby both.

MarchAnn said...

Everything looks great and I love seeing your collection of figurines. Enjoy your golf and I'll see you at In Stitches.

cathartes said...

Using scrapbook paper is a great idea for the mat. There are some selections that are a heavy weight and will hold up well not to mention the incredible number of choices.

I'm proud of you replacing the counters. Ours needs to be done but I'm not up for the mess.

Your little church scene reminds me of the church we attended in Florida right after we got married and moved there from Alexandria. It was a wonderful church and the people were like family.

Anne said...

Beautiful framed pieces Minnie!! I'm glad your counter top worked out the second time!! Love the figurine! It would be my special place to worship too!!

Beebeebabs said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Joysze said...

Great frame job on the 2 finishes, Minnie. :D

Love the progress of His Name and the countertop looks so pretty!!!

Lovely figurine and so appropriate for the true meaning of Easter. :)

Jackie said...

Hey Minnie, I love all your stitchy progress and frames. The scrapbook paper looks wonderful. You could not tell it was not a mat. Nice.

It"s nice to have you contributing over on Southern roots blog. I look forward to seeing your work.

Congrats again on the award and Your Counter top looks very nice. I love those things you can DIY.

Enjoy your time with DH and have a blessed Easter.