Friday, April 13, 2012

Am I Crazy or What?

I have been having some really crazy idea lately. I got the idea in my head that I could do this chart called Spring Heart with a lot of specialty stitches in it and to top it off I would do this design on black fabric.  I started on a piece of linen with DMC Satin floss (the first mistake) I frogged that out so I wouldn’t ruin the fabric, the second start was on 14ct Aida and I soon learned that it is really hard to make specialty stitches on Aide so I frogged that out.  The saying that “the third time is the charm” is true I started for a third time on 25 ct Lugana with the regular cotton DMC floss and voila! 
The chart is a freebie from and I really enjoyed stitching it.  However this next crazy idea was put into my head a week ago at my Wednesday stitch-night.  It is a mystery SAL by Papillon Creations called “Around the World in 80 Stitches”, I got the supply list and gathered what I needed. I’m using a 28ct even weave called “Dusty  Green”, 8 DMC floral colors of my choice + a dk, md & lt green.  I’ll have to see if some of the beads I already have will fit before I decide on the two I need.  This is my floss toss, I think I did okay.
As soon as the first section was available I ordered and received my first of 24 monthly installments, I’m excited and a little scared.   This brings my WIPs to a whopping total of 8, something I have never done before and is the reason I posed the question (Am I crazy or what?).
Instead of another of my figurines by Anne Lee, I thought I would share a one of a kind piece by a young artist.  This one is actually my most prized possession.
Mama's Mug by DD 1993
Well that’s about all for now, thanks to all my followers and readers keep those comments coming, I love them.  I’m off to make some wonderful little xxs.


Anonymous said...


Your Wip looks great, love the black fabric!

I like your thread choice for your next SAL, it's bright and cheerful.

That mug by DD is just fab, no wonder it's your most prized possession!

Happy stitching!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Just join the rest of us crazies!

Shirlee said...

When I read your post title I immediately answered "crazy" but then thought I should at least read the post before answering : ) Now that I've read you have 8 WIPs going at the same time I've got to agree with my original response : ) I would need to be placed on sedatives around the clock if I had anywhere near that many WIPs! Your heart is going to be beautiful though & I'm really curious about what the Papillon piece is going to look like : ) Love the cup : )

Shebafudge said...

Hi Minnie

8 Wip's? As I have around 40 you're definitely not crazy. If you are I hate to think what that makes me!

For me stitching is a journey and it's not necessarily finishing a design that matters. I just want to be stitching on something I'm enjoying at that moment in time.

I will be do Around the World with you. I ordered some more fabric today as I didn't have anything I wanted to use that was big enough. Your floss toss looks pretty and is not dissimilar to my choices (if they look good when the fabric arrives!)

I love your DD's mug. It would be my most treasured possession to if one of mine had made it.

Happy stitching!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I used to be a OAAT (One at a time) but now I've got a number of WIPS, probably the same as you. I don't count part-works though! Sneaky I know.
I'm stitching the Around the World too. I'm going to use a plain white fabric and a palette of pinks and purples but not sure which ones yet!
I wonder if there's a SAL forum or blog being set up for this piece?

Minnie said...

There will be a photo gallery coming soon.

Karen said...

Minnie, if you're crazy, just join the rest of us crazies! I saw this Around the World SAL last night; I *never* do SALs, but what did I do? Went right over to the website and signed up. Now I gotta figure out my colors. Yours are beautiful!

Jan said...

Only 8? I like the heart with the specialty stitches.

sharine said...

I think your figurine is the best yet!

Jackie said...

Yes, your are crazy. I am so glad you joined the rest of us."" LOL. That is just too funny Minnie.
I love the spring heart color combination.
Your Papillon Colors looks very vibrant too. That should be a beauty.
Oh and of course, the mug. What beautiful handcrafted piece. I love it.
TFS with us.

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

So glad you went for a third attempt on Spring Heart,it is gorgeous.
I have the first part of the Papillion Creations, SAL, but no materials yet. I love your colour choices for yours.
I have a few prized possessions myself:) your DD's mug is beautiful.

Julie said...

The heart is looking pretty.
Nice colours for the Sal.Was thinking of joining in but not done much speciality stitches before and don't really fancy doing all cross stitches so will wait and see.
The mug is a lovely keepsake,i have a good few by self,i don't part with anything.The kids go oh mum what you keep this for. :)

Ewa said...

only 8 WIPs? Nah, definitely not crazy. I like the thread spread, very bright, colorful and happy. Can't wait to see it. I got the email about the around the world pattern but decided not to go for it. Am curious to follow your progress on it.

XXXStitching (Emma) said...

Love the heart looks great on black. I would have said crazy but since starting the crazy jan I have way more on the go, crazy but fun. That mug is precious can't buy things like that!!!

Anne said...

Wow! Such a pretty design you chose! I hear you on casting away the aida, I don't work on that anymore. Just doesn't feel right. Instead of aida I'll use lugana when I want a break from linen. Pretty floss toss! Oof, I couldn't do 8 Wip's! I'm busy with two big ones!!