Friday, April 6, 2012


I just have a short post, I didn’t stick to my rotation as much this month so all of my WIPs didn’t get any attention but here’s the list:  Rose Sampler, Three Kimonos, Black & White and African Women got not attention and have no progress to report. I completely unstitched the heart I was stitching on black Aida to be restarted on black 25ct Lugana soon.  I had two finishes my soldier memorial and Random Threads that was posted last week.  That leaves the progress on “His Name is Jesus and the Champagner.
As it stands today


It is now officially spring and Easter weekend so my garden gnomes have come ready to start work (at least one of them has) in my balcony rail planter which as you can see needs lots of work. 

Flowerpot Gnomes

  I want to thank all of my followers and just readers for stopping by and leaving wonderful comments, I look forward to them every day and I want to also wish each and every one a very Happy Easter.  I’m now off to make some more wonderful little xxs.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Our poor gnomes are white as ghosts waiting for a makeover! LOL! Yours are cute.

Shirlee said...

Love the gnomes : ) Happy Easter Minnie!

Jackie said...

The gnomes are just too cute.
Don't worry, you will get back on track with your stitching. Some months are like that.
Enjoy your weekend:))

Ewa said...

Lol flowerpot gnomes are super cute! I think you had good progress on your stitching - nothing to worry about.

Julie said...

You have done a good job on the framing and on the sewing front you have done more then me.Have you got the gone fishing gnome.I Like that one. ;)

MarchAnn said...

Great Job and I love the gnomes. My sister and here freind have one that keeps moving between the two houses but no body ever admits to giving him a helping hand across the yard.

Ineke said...

Cute gnomes! Aren't they just thinking about how they will make your balcony garden bloom?

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Lovely stitching Minnie ,especially on His Name Is Jesus.
I love your gnomes. The one at the front looks very comfortable:)

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

lovely little gnomes :D and great stitching :D