Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Somethings old and somethings new

I have been stitching and stitching and I have two new starts and an old wip to share. I also have a couple of new to me ideas. First I want to share an old wip this is just about finished. It is my "Dollar Bill" it's a freebie from Gloria & Pat, Inc., there is about six inches of back stitching left and it will be a done deal.

I think this is so cute I may add at the bottom "First Dollar I Ever Made" and put it in a frame.
The next piece I want to show is "Wicked Witch" by La-D-Da, stitched on tea-dyed even weave.
I wanted to finish this one instead of it becoming a wip but I ran out of  #844(which is the border) and Michaels didn't have it on Saturday. So I had to put it away, but luckily I have found #844 at Wal-mart (go figure) they usually don't have much. When I feel like going back to it, it will be a done deal too. Up next is "Witch Boot" a little freebie from SullivansUSA (Sullivans Embroidery floss).
I just love the bright Halloween colors in this one, I'm stitching this one with a combination of Sullivans flosses and DMC. You can google a conversion chart for the DMC flosses. The piece I am currently working on is "Frankie the Thinker" from Glendon Place and I am stitching him on 28ct PTP called Hauned.
Remember back a few post I told you about finding out about these perfect grime guards (steering wheel cover from the dollar store) for the 8 inch q-snap for only $1.
Well I found the perfect grime guard for the 6 inch q-snap.
These are headbands from Michaels for $1.50 each. I do love a bargain. One last thing, I have joined the needle-minder craze, there are definitely some beautiful ones out there but way too expensive for my taste. So I bought myself a tube of E6000 industrial strength adhesive and it was on. Here are the ones not in use that I'm storing on my metal chart board.
Well it's time for me to get back to making some wonderful little xxs. Thanks for visiting!


Melinda Forbes said...

You are stitching some of the best charts for Halloween - the boot has great colors for real.

Where did you find all the wonderful charms to use to make your needle minders. I also have glue and magnets - but am having trouble finding a charm to complete the minder.

Lesley said...

Great variety of stitching and a great idea for your dollar bill.
I love your needle minders.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Love all the stitching. The idea for the dollar one is a good one! Made me smile!!!

Von said...

Very clever ideas here! Thanks for sharing!

Mii Stitch said...

Great stitching!! The Dollar Bill looks fantastic :)
Great Halloween stitching too, love those colours.

Katie said...

I love the dollar bill. Too neat to make your own money haha. I HATE running out of thread that close to a finish. Glad you were able to find some. Love the Witch Boot. The colors are beautiful!! The Glendon Place piece is fantastic! Love the bargains you've found rather than paying full price. Love the idea of making your own needle minders. I need to try that.

suzy mcclung said...

Your work is fantastic. The dollar bill looks great and the lettering underneath would be really cute. The shoe is so cute. I have never done a La D Da so I am definitely going to have to check into them. I am so glad that you still blog. So many have given it up since facebook and all the other places to post. I am a blogger myself and like being able to "vent". Thanks for sharing your work!

Sandy said...

wonder progress on your projects. love you bargains too, I'm going to go and look for them this weekend :) but most importantly, where did you find the princess needle minders? I love them!! where you find the princess there could be the evil ladies too????

Look forward to seeing more.


Marilyn said...

Great projects.
Love Frankie the Thinker on Haunted, so perfect.
Great idea for grime guards, and the needle minders are too cute.

Brigitte said...

Your needles must have been smoking a lot lately. Wonderful progress on these WIPs. And I agree there are some very nice needle minders out there. The needle minder bug hasn't bitten me yet - I still stick my needle into the fabric when I put my project away.

Passionknitgirl said...

I love all your bargains and ideas...I'm stealing them, ok? Lol!! I love that little witch's boot! So cute!

Jennifer said...

Love your blog and YouTube channel!

Heather said...

Wow so much progress! My favorite is the witch shoe :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love the quote for the Dollar Bill, very clever!
You've stitched some great pieces recently. I also hear your voice in my head when I read your blog now!