Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It's Wednesday!!

Nothing special about this Wednesday other than it's the day before Cinco De Mayo! Happy Cinco De Mayo to all that celebrate this holiday.  I just felt like writing a blog today and I do have a cople of things to share. First, I have recently discovered Floss Tube in a biiiig way and so this is what I have been stitching to.  I set up my iPad and watch (listen) to videos while I stitch. Some of the videos are very entertaining and informative. Now you know I like to try different things outside of my comfort zone and I have gotten it into my head that if some of these people can make videos and have hundreds of views and comments on them, I CAN TOO.  Well it was a leap of faith to start this blog and here I am. I may not be as popular as some but I get enough visits and comments to stay alive and I am so grateful to all of you. I'll let you all know if there is ever a floss tube video of me to watch, I've been practicing.  Anyway back to what I was saying, I found out that there is something called stitch may-nia going on, I don't know all of the rules but I think it's like when you have a new start for each day of the month of May (maybe?). I have seen so many beautiful designs and can't wait to start seeing progress on some of them. There is also a HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) challenge going on, I think people stitching HAEDs are given a different challenge every month or so. I have a couple of small freebies but have never stitched a HAED, I don't enjoy the wall to wall stitching with all the confetti, that drives me crazy. There is also a Mirabilia craze going on out there in video-land I do like the dresses on the ladies in the Mirabilia designs but the faces aren't expressive as my Joan Elliotts.  Well that was my opinions on floss tube, HAEDs and Mirabilias, on to what I have been working on. In my last post I showed the "Seafarer's Globe" that I had started well here is as far as I got before putting it away for a while.
This is one half, I even did the back stitch on everything except the scroll at the top, that I want to work all together at one time. As you can see there is the tail of the sea serpent down in the lower left corner. This is a great design. Since I was in the mermaid mood I worked on the "Sea Goddess".

I finished off some more sea weeds and added another little sea horse and will soon be able to start on her tail which is gorgeous. I had another chart that started calling to me so I took out this Little House Needleworks "Needlework School and started on it. This is where I am now.
I may continue to work on this one at "stitch-night" at my LNS  so you may see it again soon. One more thing before I go, I got the 2017 Keepsakes Calendar in the mail and now instead of putting the charts for the included designs in the calendar there is a separate booklet.
Here are the designs for 2017, there is a Joan Elliott for October, whoo hooo!

Well got to go make some wonderful little xxs, thanks for visiting.
PS. Let me know if you like the way my blog looks. 


Vickie said...

Why yes, I do like the way your blog looks now. So clean!
Seafarer's Globe! Wow!!!

Heather said...

I just started too! Any favorites? I'm watching stash queen now and she has so many she's kept me entertained for days! I like kowgirlpaintsaplenty, kaitlininstitches and stitchy Ryan.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Hello friend! Lovely stitchy things there!

Julie said...

Seafarers Globe is stunning.
Your blog looks lovely

Mii Stitch said...

New look on your blog, it's really nice!
The Sea Goddess looks stunning & so colourful!! Beautiful!

Lesley said...

Seafarers Globe is coming on beautifully and I love your mermaid.Lovely start too on your LHN. The Keepsake calendar looks very interesting, like the pumpkin design a lot.
Your blog looks great:)
If you have a go at a video blog I'll be there. I have had a quick look at floss tube but I need to get back to it and discover some vlogs I like. I have only ever followed one vlog in the past and I enjoyed it very much.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I've been enjoying Flosstube too and like the company when I'm stitching. Please do let us know when there's a Minnie Channel, I'd tune in.
Love your mermaid, it's interesting that you prefer Joan's faces, I'll have to do a comparision!
Honest opinion on the new blog layout? It's too wide for me. I'm on the PC and there is too much text on one line to read it comfortably. I tried on my iPad and to fit it on the screen the font is too small. So it's a thumbs down from me I'm afraid. The content is great though so I shall persevere!

Justine said...

I like your new look blog. Seafarer's Globe is lovely. I stitched a similar design many years ago and really enjoyed it, especially stitching all the sea around the continents!
I would definitely watch a Minnie vlog though I don't currently watch Floss Tube. I'll have to see what I'm missing.

Cathy said...

You've got a lot of nice stitching projects going on there! Love it. And your blog looks very good!

Melinda said...

Your blog looks great - love the parchment scroll look. Your mermaid is beautiful - thanks for sharing the pictures from the calendar - it looks like it is a great one. I have avoided Flosstube - everyone is talking about it and with your review of it too, I guess I am just going to have to start watching - so fingers crossed I will see one from you!

Marilyn said...

Great projects.
Love the Seafarers Globe, so unique.
It looks like there are some nice designs in the calendar.

Jan said...

I too have recently discovered Floss Tube; I am fascinated watching the male stitchers. Right now I have about 11 tubers I subscribe to, 5 of them being guys. I doubt I'd have time to do a regular FT video trying to keep up with blogs, face book groups & bulletin boards groups takes up too much time as is. Your progress on "Seafarer's Globe", "Sea Goddess" and "Needlework School" looks great. As far as the new background on your blog... I have to give it a thumbs down.... sorry. If you know anything about templates check out this blog page.... There's some really good looking blogger templates and it's free.

Brigitte said...

I also discovered floss tube lately and now I watch and listen to it whenever I iron and fold my laundry and of course also while stitching. And I also find that some channels are very interesting to listen to. I even was enabled when one lady showed some new stash and there was a kit I knew I had to have, lol. Like Jo days - let us know wehen you have your own channel.
Great stitching projects and wow, you made a lot of progress on your Globe.