Thursday, May 29, 2014


TA DA!!  Here is my TUSAL for the month of May complete with Mr. Jenkins. Back from vacation, all rested and on the job of presenting for your viewing pleasure a full and colorful ort jar.

Those beautiful color are courtesy of the "Ladies with Baskets" that I worked on for several SALs going on at the same time a couple of weeks ago.

All of the xxs are done now and I've just begun the back stitching so I'm off.

Thanks for stopping by.


sharine said...

Lots of beautiful colours:)

Lesley said...

Beautiful stitching.Your ORT jar almost looks like pretty multi coloured blown glass in your photo.
Glad Mr Jenkins is back safe and sound:-)

Julie said...

Very colourful jar this month.

Faith... said...

Glad to see Mr. Jenkins back! You certainly have a lot of orts there.

Frances N said...

The colors in Ladies with Baskets are gorgeous!!! Beautiful stitching!