Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fool...

Mother Nature played a terrible trick on us.  Easter Sunday was a nice sunny day and Monday was even better it was 67 degrees until the sun went down and the temps started dropping.  Today it is only 47 degrees but very sunny.  I know the saying of "be careful of what you wish for" but I wish it was Summer already.  This tree is already budding and look at the blue in that sky.
Well I have been trying to finish the "Banu" design before I share again so there is no stitching pictures today. Plus my drawing for the "Petit Cat" chart will be tomorrow so I will post again and hopefully have a finish to share. Well to make that happen I have to make some xxs. Thanks for stopping by.


Ewa said...

Yesterday it was 90 degrees here. Today it is 40. My body is confused :(

Shirlee said...

Your complex looks beautiful! I remember Alexandria having so many lovely ones : ) I hope you get the warmth you are wanting. Send any cold you might have down my way : )