Wednesday, January 4, 2012


 A new year and new starts but I haven’t gotten as much done as I would have like.  I feel like I’m moving in slow motion ever since we returned from Vegas.  It is either a cold or a sinus infection from the dry air in Vegas or I caught something on the air planes coming home.  To top that off it has turned exceptionally cold here, we were in the 30s and windy yesterday and today it’s in the 20s.  I’m also disappointed I’m going to miss the first “stitch-in” of the year at In Stitches Needlework; I won’t go and spread whatever I have to everyone.  I guess I’ll just curl up in my jammies with a cup of mint tea, a bowl of chili and stitch (of course not at the same time) that could be a disaster. 

I started the “Champagner” on the 1st and stitched on it for four days and I just couldn’t stand seeing my other charts that are already kitted up just sitting there so I started the EMS “Rose Sampler”  this afternoon and my cold meds made me nod off and this is all I have gotten stitched.  I’m awake now so I guess I can get a little more done before I go to bed.

I’ve seen on other blogs everyone is reviewing their finishes from 2011 well if you would like click here  “Pearl” was not actually cross stitched in 2011 but the pillow was finished in 2011. 

Well I’m off to curl up and make some more wonderful little xxs.  Thanks for stopping by.


TammyK said...

Very nice progress on Champagner and a good start on The rose sampler :-). Hope you're feeling better soon Minnie!

Mary said...

Great start on the Rose Sampler. I like the colors in Champagner-haven't seen that design before.

Great finishes for 2011! Pearl is so prettty and I love the colors in Moms are Angels.

Sharon said...

Awww...feel better soon, sweetie. You're off to a great stitching start for the year ahead! :)