Saturday, October 29, 2011

Is it near Halloween or Christmas?

  The weatherman has predicted snow this afternoon and I do believe that it’s cold enough for it. There is snow already in some places here on the east coast and it will be the first snow in October in our area in 30 years.  Anyway I’ve decorated my front door for Halloween with some needlepoint items I stitched on plastic canvas years ago, so I’m ready.

 I’ve made some progress on my Green goddess, I should be able to finish the wreath of leaves and moths around her face this weekend and start on the background and with this weather there is nothing better to do than sit back with a hot cup of coffee and stitch. 

I've even made a little progress on my other WIP; this is just the beginning of a larger project.  There are six designs I feel in love with when I saw them on this website  they are designed by Niclole214.  My goal is to stitch all six and finish them off as a wall hanging, wish me luck.

  The current one I’m working on is called African Family and here is where I am on it.

Off to make more xxs.


Julie said...

Green Goddess is looking good.

Like the African ones too.They really stand out being one colour.Will you be framing them individually but in a group (if that makes sense) :)

Has the snow come yet ?.
Surprise surprise no rain yet here. .May get to do a bonfire yet for h'ween. :)

Minnie said...

Thanks Julie, the six African designs will be finished like a quilt with a fabric border around each. We didn't get snow as predicted but it is very cold and we have a layer of frost over the cars. Happy Halloween!

TammyK said...

I'm with you on the hot cup of coffee and stitching. LOVE it. You've made good progress on your wip's too Minnie.